1099 and w2 employment mix causing loan problems

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I called a couple of banks yesterday to get information about getting an fha loan on a duplex. The problem I ran into with the first bank (and confirmed by the second one who returned my phone call) was “to consider any income from 1099 self employment I would need a tax return for the past two years, and they would average the amount. My problem is I have been self employed for 10 months, and w2 wages before that. The bank said theirs no way to mix those together and that it needs to be one or the other. To me my only choice is to work the 1099 job for another year and a half, or maybe find a great deal on a multi unit that can be paid for with hard money and refinanced out of one year later. However that second option seems like a lot more to take on for my first investment and definitley changes the way I planned on starting my real estate journey. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you bigger-pockets community!

I'm no expert on borrowing, but maybe look into a different product like Fannie Home Ready or conventional with 2% more down.

I became a seller-financing master because of what you're facing. Find a tired landlord and get them to carry properly for at least a few years.  Good luck!