Should I purchase a rate lock?

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Hello everyone. I need advice concerning rate locks. I understand the purpose of them but I don’t they are always necessary. I have suspicion that my lender is trying to get me to spend more money. He’s charging me $2400 for the rate lock. However my closing is on May 30th. I could be wrong but I feel that’s a bit too much to charge. Im no expert and that’s why I’m seeking advice here. My interest rate is high due to my recovering credit score so it’s not like I have a low rate to protect anyway. Any advice would be appreciated thanks.

@Ruben Reed Ask your lender what will be interest rate without points. Compare the both rates and see how much time you taking to recover the points. If you are recovering your money in certain period where you want to be its worth paying if not don't pay take higher interest rate. But this is not scenario always work --sometime your LO has to keep the lower interest to keep you qualified because of your DTI so all factors plays in mortgage. Ask your LO he/she will explain you and you take your decision.