Finding ethical wholesalers in the Chicago area?

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Network, Network, Network. Okay I get it, I am looking for good short cuts. Hope to have one of my rentals sold over the next few months. And start searching for potential flips. 

My experience personally has been horrible lol, I've only actually bought two deals from wholesalers. Neither one I ended up making more than 10 percent and to date are the two worst flips I've ever bought surprise! I'm on track to do about 10 flips this year and they could all be from one quality wholesaler, but they seem to be more interested in one huge profit rather than solid consistent business. 

You have to remember that wholesalers are in the sales business.  Their job is to get as paint the picture in the best light, and make as much money as possible. 

There's only a few wholesalers in the area, and unless you want to buy on the south side it's pretty hard to find a property in your area. 

Know your area.  There's no shortcuts to that.