Thoughts On Window A/C Units?

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Hi All -

When looking at potential residential (SFR and Multifamily) investment properties, how do window A/C units influence your opinion? Do you discount these properties? Do you feel you automatically need to invest in converting to central A/C? My focus is, in particular, the northern Midwest.

Thanks for any insights and opinions!

I prefer window units , I make tenants supply their own . When there is a problem with a unit , tenant deals with it not me 

I personally dislike them because they can have more problems and especially during the summer, (if you have hot summers in your area can make the unit more difficult to show)  I wouldn't necessarily replace them right away but it would be something I would plan for as soon as they break.

One thing to consider, is tenants electric bill can be significantly higher w multiple units, compared to 1 central system. I would make sure I'm getting house at a discounted enough price to be able to install central.

@Steven Thoma for a SFH I like central air conditioning but I am buying B class properties. When I had a C class duplex we had window units. It is also customary in my area for C class apartments to have window style unit AC permanently installed in the wall. The advantage of these units is cost. You can get window unit for $300-400 and they are easy to replace versus thousands for central air. So I would say for C class properties, it is not worth the investment in central air.

Thanks @Joe Splitrock and everyone in this thread for their insights and opinions.  I’ve seen similar setups for C class apartments in my area as well, Joe.  I guess the takeaway is that it largely depends on the quality/classification of the property itself, but in the right properties, it’s not a downside and can potentially be a benefit to cost and upkeep.