putting together a probate list in Utah

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Hello fellow Utah investors. My business partner and I have been trying to put together a probate list in the Logan, UT area. We went to the county recorders office who sent us to the district court, who told us they couldn't print a list out for us and to check their website. The website was difficult to navigate, and we didn't find anything helpful. I'm wondering if anyone has put together a probate list in Utah, and maybe even more specifically Logan, UT, and how they were able to do it. Thanks in advance.

I went to the court house in Salt Lake.  Looked up probate cases and copied down the information from there.  You can't print off a list where I went but you can get a list of court cases and then look into each one.  I then was allowed to write down the information that I found.  Done this for both Utah and Salt Lake County areas.

hey Jackson how did you get that list?  The lady we talked to didn’t allow us access to a computer or anything to look at The cases.  Did you just look at them on a computer at the courthouse?

Make sure you understand the probate process.  Often the family convenes for the funeral and last rites.  It is at this time that many of the decisions are made informally.  Probate is the process of closing the estate, not necessarily the time when decisions are made.

As part of the probate process, a personal representative is named.  There is often a legal notice published for the benefit of the decedent's creditors.  To search these notices, go to UtahLegals and search for "personal representative".  That will give you a list.

But if you're serious, particularly our small tight market, I'd recommend getting ahead of the game through personal connections.  Expand your network by talking to attorneys (as @Sam Shueh suggested) and funeral directors.  You may even want to market to obituaries if you can figure out the proper decorum.

Good luck.

Yes so Salt lake has a list of court filing started and completed.  You  look for the case number then go to the court house and look up the court cases on their computer.  At the Salt Lake Courthouse there is a table with 5 computers on it that you are free to use that are connected to the court database.

Remember that each case will be at different stages.  Some won't have a personal represenative choosen yet.  Look for the ones with personal represenatives and see if you can determine if they owned any property.  Don't just blanketly market because some people sadly had their children pass away and for one reason or another still went through the probate process (I'm talking about I once found out it was a 7 year old girl). 

Personally I approach from all angels mailing them is my last catch all effort.  We get way more credibility if a lawyer or funeral director refers them to us.

I hope this was helpful