How much would you pay a bird dog?

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Hello everyone I’ve spent a lot of my time doing courthouse research and direct mailing. I have built a good system from it. My system allows me to be the first person in the county to get to various types of leads. What I do is a I go to the courthouse at first thing in the morning when it opens get all the preforclosure leads for my county and then I Go and hand write and wax seal some letters and then send them out to those leads same day. I’ve spent whole days in the courthouse and I’ve never seen someone else come in and grab these leads. This puts me in a competitive advantage in that I get to be the first person messaging those leads. I want to use this as a way of bird dogging where I find and sell the lead and do the mailing for investors and agents. I only sale each lead once. How much would investors or agents pay for this kind of service?

Probably 1k per closed transaction? How hard is it to teach someone to go to a courthouse to find leads that meet your criteria?

I was thinking about charging by the lead 10-20 dollars and then maybe charge a extra fee is they want me to send out mailers for them same day

Storm S way to hustle. I'm interested in talking a little more about your process. I think it may be hard for you to do the per lead format.I percentage of the vacuum might be a better ask for investors.