house hacking to the extreme?

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So I see all these videos about tiny homes and it got me thinking after I saw one that was a converted bus. Is there a way you could buy a duplex rent both sides out then live in somthing like that or a rv or somthing. I mean you can buy a cheap one for like 10k it doesn't need to be able to drive just heat cool and provide electricity and toiletrys And I'm sure you can build everything you need in the property for not to much

Of course you can do this but it may not be allowed by local zoning ordinances. Enforcement varies as well. I know some people that have stealth vans that are converted on the inside that are nicer than some homes.

actually doing the research on the low end it would cost 35k I could just convert the attic on a duplex. Then when I move out I'll have 3 units to rent. that's actually not a bad idea wow