Investors/Fix and Flippers?

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  Wow Jessica Holmes. I can appreciate your concern for other people getting scammed, but you shouldn't speak about people you don't know. I find it offensive and insulting that you would say that about me, attack my integrity and you don't even know me. What makes you think I want to sell someone something that is over priced?

Originally posted by @Isaac Beane :

  Hi Everyone,

  Are there any international or out of State investors interested in Columbus Ohio?

 Hi Isaac.  Without planning it this way (wish I could say I had the forethought) my team and I work with about 75% out of state investors.  We understand the challenges of investing from out of state and gear our business to accommodate the out of state/country investor as much as possible.  We really enjoy working with local investors too as they have the advantage of knowing the city.  Columbus, in particular, is relatively easy to get to know and we're always here to help you get familiar with the various areas and as things are developing street by street in some area.  Best of luck with everything!