Off Market Property Owner Script

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Hi BP 

Despite all the years of cold calling I have done, I am starting to wonder if I have lost my edge. The past year none of my deals have come via cold calls. They were mail or referrals. 

I recently lost a deal to another investor despite being in touch with the decision maker and having a tentative date set to tour the property.

My approach this past year has been very direct to the point. When the decision maker answers I say: " Hi my name is Rich Hupper, I would like to buy the house located at....."  This does not seem to be working. 

Does anyone have an off market property owner rapport building script I could use?

@Rich Hupper Maybe start with a softer approach. "I've been hoping to buy a house in your neighborhood. Have you thought about selling?" then you also have the opening for an important back up question. "do you know of anyone else who might be?"

Great news that your mail campaign have been working. What sort of targets have you been sending to?