Ready to pull trigger on turnkey SFR - have you worked with MIP?

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I have been researching turnkey SFR and landed at MIP in Memphis. All looks great so far but I also really love our Bigger Pockets community and getting some feedback an what you think or what your experience with MIP is.

Here is the link to the website for more info about what I am looking at.

Thanks for your help


@Dr. @Axel Meierhoefer I am doing the same research and interested to hear what people who have actually worked with them say. I do know that this is one of the preferred vendors of one of the marketers that I respect so that is a pretty good endorsement in my mind.

After looking into about 20 TK providers in several markets MIP has made the short list.

@Chris Bodden Yes, same in my research. I also ran it by one of my real estate advisers and he reviewed the pro-forma's and said that everything meets their criteria, which gives me additional confidence. I am hoping someone on BP has done business with them and can tell us about it.

The purchase is only the starting point. I also really like to hear/read what the PM experience over time has been.