Realeflow Program Tools

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I used it a long time ago, and it's very outdated compared to other tools...

I currently use Podio since it's very flexible and cheap $24, however, it's very complicated to customize it to your business needs (plus you've to add other 3rd party softwares to manage your entire business which adds on around $70, so the total is $94)

I recommend, Ready-Made CRMs if you're starting like investorfuse built on Podio with $199 or investorfuse their standalone CRM with $149 or which is very cheap compared to others since it includes the phone system together with the CRM all with $99.

My advice, don't waste your time in systems...get anyone of these and start learning the know-how of the business and generate leads which is the toughest but most important part of this business.

Good luck

Actually besides the phone and crm has complete text ability both shortcode and longcode, email, and website chat.  

Heck it has automatic campaigns for follow up, tagging to keep prospects separate.  

But I’m biased a little