House hacking the American dream, the American dream big house, nice car, reputable job, and to blissfully retire. The dream can be enticing to achieve, but what if we did it differently. Scott Trench has enlightened  me of house hacking and I think its a sweet concept. What if we all house hacked I thought. Well there would be more multi family properties and many would be much better off financially. Community is an integral part of society and house hacking encourages community because in some way or another its a sort of shared space. Times are changing and its becoming easy to isolate house hacking could help in the social and communal realm of life bringing people together. America house hacking also encourages minimalism because we would not all need the large houses on every block to accommodate. And financially we could all spend less. I figured if house hacking became the norm it might look more like friends and family pooling together resources to eradicate the hefty expense of housing. With all things considered a society of house hackers and savvy savor and investors could result in greater happiness, more cohesion, and more concerted efforts for the betterment of society.