Mobile home "need to knows"

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Was wanting to find more info on mobile homes. Would really love to know the differences between working with them compared to houses. I know they don't hold their value like a house does but we have a growing mobile home population in my area and I feel it would be smart of me to get knowledgeable on the subject. So I'm looking for anyone who has recommendations for great articles, books or websites. There's so many knowledgeable people on BP I feel there's got to be a couple of gurus in here posting good info. Really looking for info on any special legality issues regarding mobile homes, buying and selling, lease to own, and any other great venues there are for working with mobile homes.

There is an entire section in the forum for Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks.  Search the forums, and ask specific questions as there is a ton to know related to zoning, repairs, titling, etc.

Depreciating assets and difficult to impossible to acquire funding making selling in the future more difficult. 

Personally every investment property I acquire having a out or capital investment recovery is a big part of the overall plan.