Can buyers and sellers talk?

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Forgive my ignorance but is there actual law preventing buyers and sellers from speaking? There is a property I had under contract, that is no longer under contract. We are now trying to come to a new agreement with the seller, after about a month. I do not feel my realtor is properly conveying my message to the seller and visa versa. Perhaps it is my nature as a salesperson but I honestly feel if I could have a 10-minute conversation with the seller I could put all of the issues to rest and resolve this. Half the time I can barely get the sellers agent to relay a message, inquiry, etc, to the seller and the feeling of there being too many middlemen is driving me insane. Any insight is greatly appreciated. 

I remember those days. I talk to sellers direct only. Most of my sellers own multiple properties and are business owners and only work belly to belly.  

Once word gets out you're a straight shooter, all of them reach out to you when they're ready. MLS realtor run around crap is a waste of time and perfectly good heartburn. Hit the streets and meet some boomer on up business owners in your town, Ian.

@Ian Whiteman Nothing wrong with talking to the seller directly and MUCH easier to come to an agreement. The only thing you can't do is attempt to cut the agent out of their commission.

In future if there are any listed houses you want to buy the best way is to go knock on their door and make your offer face to face to the seller.

@Ian Whiteman

As investors, we have been successfully buying and selling land & houses since the late 90s and only deal directly with sellers. We reach them via direct mail, send specific offers, and take care of the whole transaction ourselves.

You too can call a title company, open escrow, and close your own deals. 

You and the seller win since no agent fees paid.  

If you want to flip yourself (like we do) ask the agent to keep escrow open and you can save time & money when you sell the asset also. Much less expensive and again, no agent fees. 

Hope that helps!

I think thats great advice @Jill DeWit

@Chrissy Arnold not yet but certainly is on the radar now

@Sam Shueh unfortunately the seller is out of state and the sellers agent isnt much help. I had to pay a GC to come out and look at some work for the rehab and he no showed. Just one of many areas he has dropped the ball thus far. 

Thanks @Steve Vaughan