Colorado Springs Annexation?

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I'm working with a gentleman who owns two 5 acre plots (under same deed) in Colorado Springs.  It's zoned as RR-5 (residential rural).  It appears that it is in a chunk of land that is outside the city limits (but surrounded by the city limits, if I understand the zoning map correctly).  How do I verify that and also if it able to be annexed or not?  Must it directly border the "city limit"?  Any other thoughts or leading questions are appreciated as well! Thanks!

I can’t answer this specifically but after just winning a fight with CS zoning I would advise you strongly that you get everything they tell you in writing! I did my due diligence before purchasing a property and then they tried to backtrack after we closed by saying they sometimes make mistakes and it was now my problem. Fortunately we prevailed but I’m telling all my clients now that verbal from regional building and even their own permitting process is worth nothing.

I'm not sure I can be of much help here - what county are you talking about? Yes I also agree with Robin in getting everything in writing. look forward to hearing more about this issue.