Local banks to finance investment properties in Charleston

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I have couple properties in Charleston which I have financed by conforming loans. I am looking to find a local bank/lender that can provide a commercial loan on my future purchases. Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

I have done good at South Atlantic bank.. although to my knowledge I am there only out of area borrower..

Most of these banks will only lend to you if you live there or at least have a second home there.

it took me 3 years and many turn downs to get to them. but now we are on project 7 or 8 in the last 18 months and I find our personal banker there to be very helpful and of course the essance of a Southern Gentlemen.

@Mike Ball where do you live? Its been my experience that many commercial/portfolio lenders like to see someone with a presence in the state in which they do business.

I've got several portfolio lenders in Columbia that will do loans in Charleston assuming the borrower has ties to South Carolina. Only one of them does not require an in state borrower.