Michigan Probate deed transfer an sale steps

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Hi so this will be my first deal its a great deal but theres a problem because the woman selling the house isn't from Michigan, she's from Illinois. Her brother died in late march he left her the house she's been in and out of Michigan getting his paperwork together. Recently  she went to wayne county treasury to get the home in her name but just like her i don't know all the proper steps to make sure she has the right to do a quit claim deed. i just know she wants to be done with this and move on with her life. I need help so i can tell her what she needs to do next. Please help so i can get this deal done.

The house is in Detroit on the east side on the outskirts of east English village the area is ok it'll turn soon i believe but the street the house is on is great no vacant homes solid neighborhood. It's originally a 3 bed 1.5 bath 1 kitchen 1 car garage but the previous owner put a fourth room in the basement also finished the basement along with another kitchen down there so 2 kitchens, plus new roof, windows and cement within the last 2 years. i know this because i knew the guy personally.

‘Just bought a deal like this. I went with the seller to see a probate attorney and he walked us through the steps. ‘Title company picked it up from there. The whole thing was much simpler than what I first thought. It took a bit longer to close than a usual off-market cash deal but we got it done! I would recommend contacting a probate attorney first thing. Good luck!

so speaking back to the woman she just told me she has been through probate an has the house in her name but she has to draw up a deed they told her to print it out online an get it notarized an then i have to find out how can she then sale it to me. 

Title company or closing attorney can help you from here. All they need from you is PA and documentation that the house is legally in seller’s name. You should be good to go.

@Arthur Wilson III - Great news hopefully this works out for you, one quick question if you dont mind. 

How did you find this deal? i'm eagerly looking into my first deal and some guidance would be grateful 

Thank you.