Junk/Vehicle on a property...is it mine?

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I recently purchased a piece of vacant land property with junk/vehicle sitting on there.

Can I consider this my belonging since nobody has come to claim it since the last owners for several months? I’ve got an RV (messed up inside), and a pickup truck with a motorcycle sitting in it.

I’m currently working on a rehab project with a home and all of the belongings inside were mine and we were able to bring in people to salvage the junk and make some cash on it.

So 2 questions

  1. Is the junk min because it’s been sitting on my property?
  2. Is it worth marketing these junk as “salvageable” for buyers? or does that scare away buyers?
Originally posted by @Mark Fries:
@Jessey Kwong

yes, when I buy a property, I claim everything that comes with it. not sure if this is correct..but I dont really care. the odds of an issue arising are slim to none, and if it does I will deal with it then.

I strongly disagree with @Mark Fries. That's terrible advice. 

To sell a vehicle, you should have a title as the owner. If you did sell it without a title and are not the owner, I would imagine that's akin to selling stolen goods. Do you want that charge for a bombed out RV?

I'm actually going through this now, only is not junk, it's a 2016 abandoned vehicle. 

Regardless of year, go through the proper channels to be the legal owner if they are worth anything. If they are not, you can legally have them towed away and let the tow company handle the legalities of scrapping/auctioning/etc. 

Check out what your local rules and regulations require.

I don't want or need drama so I follow my local laws. I have had tow companies tow off abandoned vehicles.  My understanding is that they will put a tow lien on the vehicle.  

I have run into this situation twice and called a tow service that advertises that they tow abandoned vehicles away. When they picked-up the car, I asked them what they did with the car. They first put a lien on the automobile for a fixed period of time but than have the option to sell the care themselves if it is not claimed. There are very specific procedures to follow and each state is different. My advice is to focus on the your rehab and leave the car up to someone else who has the expertise. I did have a neighbor come outside and chase a tow truck because it was actually his car and the previous occupant of the house had told them they could store the car on the property. Good luck.

Not having title will lower the vAlue but I sense you want them to sell so I would try to get them declared abandoned so you can make some money.

Also you wouldn’t be prosecuted for theft because you don’t have the proper criminal intent, nor would any agency bring criminal action against you so ignore that previous advice. However if you don’t convert the vehicles properly you may be liable for the value in a civil court