Expectations from out of state real estate agent

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I am working with two out of state real estate agent. One of the agent went to the property and recorded a video with detailed comments. This video revealed few things what we did not see in photos posted on the listing. I was very happy with the agent. In other market, I asked other agent what if I can get a video tour of this property and he said he can give video tour only if our offer locked. I can understand it will be time consume to drive to property and do video recording. But is this an unreasonable ask? Most of the sites recommend not to rely on pictures posted on the listing site, make sure you visit the property before you put offer.

Just wondering if someone can share, what should I expect from this out of state real estate agent?

You should expect your agent to do their fiduciary duties and to work in your best interest. Take into account who your hiring as an agent. Some agents on my board aren't as flexible to do video tours as others. Their reasons could range from liability to not having the skill set. This could make a good qualifying question the next time you use an out of state agent.