Bathroom Remodel Cost

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Bathroom Remodel 

What should a 5 x 8 bathroom remodel cost?   Trying to get a idea if I paid to much or should look for other deals. 

New subfloor as old was rotten

New drywall is some spots 

New Vanity and sink 

New Flooring

New tile from tub to ceiling

New Toilet 

New Light 

All in for $4,800 

Only thing that was not complete was painting

@Brad Swaney that price is a little higher than I have paid, but is not terrible. I have paid as little as $2500, but I also am picking up material and running the project myself. If the contractor did a nice job and you were fairly "hands off" then that is not bad. 

@Brad Swaney

You're talking about floor demo down to the joists. The materials cost isn't incredibly high but the work is labor-intensive. There's blocking that also needs to go down under the subfloor. Your guy's going to lose some serious time perched on joists rebuilding that floor. As to what made the whole subfloor "rotten" and what effect that had on the joists...there are some quality questions that need to be asked here about remediating the situation.

The only painting involved is for the ceiling, right?

Part of it will also be what's happening in the shower/tub alcove, as well as what you're doing in flooring. The work to put in the floor to ceiling tile is costing you. Are you changing out the tub as well, and what are you changing it out for? It would help if I had some pics to look at here. 

All relative to where you are, that may be a good price there, but in NJ that bath would probably run you at least $6K, depending on the contractor you hire. Every state has different pricing, if you ever went to the book store and seen the RS Means or Craftsman pricing book you will see that they tell you to take their base price and apply a certain percentage to that price depending on what state you are in. Pricing can even vary depending on the " Area" you live in. I would say the $4,800 was not a bad price if the contractor got every thing and removed all the debris.

Here are prices I have in my flips with new materials and labor.  

One person taking care of all of it 

???? New subfloor as old was rotten

???   New drywall is some spots

$400 New Vanity and sink

$500 New Flooring tile

 $700. New tile from tub to ceiling based on 8’ ceiling 

$150 New Toilet toilet and install 

$50 New Light 

Considering the possible variables of what kind of tile was used, what type of flooring was put down and how much of that cost was the actual floor repair, I don't think you overpaid by much if any.