Build or Buy? Modular or stick-built?

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Hi everyone! Our family is moving to Stowe, Vermont from Massachusetts. We just got an offer on our house in MA and we plan to move in August. The issue we are having is an extreme lack of inventory (as I am sure everyone is dealing with) as we move to VT in the ski town of Stowe. My question is: Should we consider building? If so, should we consider a modular home and what are the pros / cons to this from an investment and resale perspective? The modular rep I spoke with said there is no language on any of the marketing / sale documents or deed that would note it to be a modular home vs. stick-built but I still wonder what people's thoughts are on modular homes. 

Any advice is appreciated! Thank you!


I was part of a club that built a modular in Vermont. It was for us cheaper then stick built. The only caution is some towns are more difficult to deal with. Make sure if you choose a difficult town try to coose a builder from there. Also get firm cost on utility hookups.

@Ryan Solstice

Hello Ryan, I have been researching on the same topic as I have been looking to add square footage to our home. 

I feel given the speed, convenience, quality and cost, modular seems like a no-brainer. And it seems its absolutely no different & perhaps even better than a stick-built home. 

The challenge is working thru' the permits and finding a good modular company who could customize the home. 


We sell modular homes in Vermont, but are too far from Stowe to assist you directly.  If you go to the Vermont Manufactured Housing Association website,, and look at the member directory, I'm sure there is someone there that can sell you a beautiful modular home.  They are as someone else wrote above "a no brainer."  Inventory is low in our area too in central Vermont.  Feel free to PM me if you need help finding more information.  We have been selling modular homes in Vermont for decades, with many many happy homeowners.  

Best of luck in your search, whatever you decide.