Additional Income Stream

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I am a recent college graduate with a job lined up in my field. After I can prove a year’s worth of income to lenders I would like to begin investing in rental properties. My income covers my expenses, but I am looking for an additional stream of income I can use to help me save for a down payment. Preferably a weekend job. Any suggestions?

Having recently graduated college I'm assuming you don't have a house yet and you'd be smart to house hack when the time comes to purchase your first rental.  % down could be as low as 3.5% for an owner occupied rental vs 20-25% down for non owner occupied property.  As far as looking for a job to supplement your income now .....well you can find those anywhere.  The question is what drives you?  So go waitress, Uber, odd jobs, lookup jobs on the internet.  Remember, a dollar saved is a dollar earned.  Cut down your expenses as much as possible.  Shop for car insurance, can you live somewhere cheaper in meantime while you save, cut down on eating out, grocery shop- keeping your end game in mind--cut down food expenses, gas expenses, entertainment expenses etc.  Save every dollar you can.

@Zachary Negron yes all of what @Korie Apgar said is very good. I would also include that we are all very good at something. Could be another language, type of sport, piano, photo shop, etc. Find what you are good at and market that for some extra cash since it already comes nature to you.