Affordable Notary Public Training in California?

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Hi BiggerPocket Peeps

Looking to become a Notary Signing Agent and I'm having trouble getting started with training.

I would like to train online, so far I've been unable to find a legit, affordable, approved provider.

Most of the companies listed on are out of business (red flag?)

Can anyone suggest a company/website?


Hi Josh,

In my experience, when I became a notary in California last year, I took a 8 hour course with the NNA (National Notary Association). There I spent roughly 6 hours going over the general rules and FEES  associated with a notary. We had our fingerprints taken and took the test at the end of our course.

Edit: To become a signing agent, you must first become a notary, then go through the NSA certification. Below is the link to the site of the NNA, and the steps for that. I'm not affiliated with them, I just used there service.

National Notary Association NSA Page