Hi BP Community! 

Can someone give me some wording they might use when writing letters to potential sellers? I have about 20 home addresses of targeted multi's in my area. All in the same neighborhood. This is what I have written so far....too much? Our market is so crazy right now - nothing on MLS, or Zillow, or Craigslist. We really aren't looking to get some crazy deal, just a fair price if the numbers work and thankfully, my father is an appraiser so of course, I won't overpay. Thoughts/ideas appreciated!!


My husband and I are actively looking for an investment property in TOWN.  We have been driving around neighborhoods in which we have interest and noticed your property on STREET ADDRESS. We are pre-approved and are looking to pay fair market value for your home. If you ever consider selling, please reach out to us at the number or email below so we can have a conversation.Thank you for your time.