Buying a $1.4M Storage Facility, completely seller financed.

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Ok, long story short (and I can fill you in on story details if you would like), but here are the facts. We have 3 single family rental homes right now, and we recently got the opportunity to buy a storage facility completely seller financed. The owners are older couple who would really like monthly income and to sell to us (we've developed a good but fast relationship with them). 

1.4M sell price, 4% interest locked in and amortized for 25 maybe 30yrs. None of these numbers are agreed upon yet, but thats one deal they offered us. Pretty cool numbers! Facility makes $142,000 a year but it is about 15% under the market rates in the area. (they haven't raised prices in YEARS). Expenses around $40k, however at least 5k is personal expenses that they run through their business. (we have another business that we already run our personal stuff through) I think in 2 years I can get the facility to make about $160,000 pretty easily. I can give you more numbers if you would like (but the numbers make enough sense to us and we like the deal pretty good) 

BUT, I have never done a seller financed deal before and I definitely have never done a deal of $1.4M. What are some hesitations, questions you would ask if it were your deal? Whats the first step I need to take after we agree upon a price and numbers? Should I go straight to my attorney and have them write up the contract? Can their attorney write up the contract and I would just have my attorney look it over? Is there steps that I should take before talking to my attorney, would any attorney work or should I use someone who specifically deals with these types of things? 

Thanks for any advice! I'll try to get on here as fast as possible and answer any questions you might have. also, if you personally own storage facility, I would LOVE to talk to you! 

NOI of 100K - I would check on cap rates as in legitimate from a commercial real estate Broker in the area not how they are discussed on this website to determine actual value. Based upon your numbers the cap rate is fairly low ( 7% ) meaning over valued . The lower the Cap rate the stronger the investment grade aka Walgreens/ Target A class ( upper 5's at the moment ) tenants etc... Check on Costar or Loopnet for storgage facility Cap rates.

Best wishes on your research