Good Buyer's Agents in the Atlanta, GA Area

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Hello everyone! This is my first post on BP, so I look forward to hearing what kind of advice you all have to give. I'm currently in the process of analyzing a potential rental property I'd like to make an offer on in the Atlanta area. However, I would like to get some more information on the property itself, since I'm not in Atlanta at the moment and can't visit the property. The listing agent is not returning my calls or responding to my emails. I've checked to make sure the property is still available and it doesn't appear to be pending closure. If anyone could refer me to a good buyer's agent who has experience working with investors in the Atlanta market that I might be able to contact and see if they can get in touch with the listing agent, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much! 

Hi @Anthony LoPrinzi

I hope that was helpful this morning. Let me know if you received all the information that you needed from the realtor and if there is anything else I can do to help. Best Wishes Kimberly PalmerHouse Properties