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Hey guys! I need some help! I have a potential wholesale deal lined up but I have an out of state buyer who says he’s interested. How would I facilitate this deal since the buys is out of state? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ed

Hello Edward,

First, ask your title company if they do mail away closings. I actually work on a lot of deals down here in Orlando that require it to be a mail away due to the clients being out of state or international.  All this is, is when the time comes to sign documents, the title company either emails the documents to the buyer for them to print themselves, take to a notary, and sign. Or using the service I use with Superior Notary Services. They can actually set up to have a mobile notary in the buyers area, show up to a specific location and time that the buyer provides you to sign and notarize the documents with them.

I would first try to find a title company that does mail away closings. Once you have that, they should be able to orchestrate the rest for you. 

P.S.- Typically the buyer side doesn't need any documents to be notarized. But it usually depends on the title company or if there is a loan involved. So if this is a regular cash transaction, you should just be able to email the documents to your buyer, have them sign, and then scan them back to you or the title company. 

Hope this helps!!

-Evan K