NO HOUSEWRAP under brick veneer

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Inspector came back with disappointing news on a deal I thought was golden.... all brick structure was built in 2002 with out housewrap or felt paper, just brick veneer and osb sheathing behind. Confirmed in several locations. Also noted some water intrusion on upper floor window jambs.

Seller says tough s**t!

Big deal or not?

He also noted some movement in the brick and I am worried there is rotting osb behind the brick.

Next thought is reselling and disclosure down the road

My first question would be how was this confirmed.  If the brick is installed correctly their should not be any open areas large enough to see into to denote the presence or lack of a house wrap.   

If the OSB has begun to wick water into it that is a problem.  The more it is exposed to water the more it acts like a sponge and will accelerate the decay process.  

That will not be a cheap fix.  You would basically need to remove the veneer and install the house wrap then re-brick.   

IMO there are always better deals to be had.

if there are gaps that are large enough to see that it would tell me all i need to know about the builder that built the home.  These are the issues that were found and likely are not all the issues that exist.  Buyer Beware!!!