Letter asking to buy a person's house when its not for sale?

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Hi All,

There is a house in our area that is not for sale at the moment, but we would like to buy it.  Does anyone have a good template/letter they would be willing to share?  

The purpose would be to purchase it for short-term rentals purposes.  We also thought about contacting a real estate broker to be the liaison for us or act in a buyer's agent, but wasn't sure about that either.

Any suggestions on how to approach this, or wording to include in our letter would be greatly appreciated!


@Mike Shemp I agree with @Dennis M. just go knock on the door and say something like: "Hey I'm Mike, I live over on Pine and I'm looking to buy an investment property in the neighborhood. You wouldn't happen to be interested in selling, would you?"

If you feel knocking on the door is too forward then just hand write a sticky note that says: "I would like to buy your house. Please call! Mike - 555-1234." and stick it on their door.

@Doug Pretorius and @Dennis M. - Thanks so much for responding.  So there are actually two cases here.  In one cases I can definitely walk up and just ask.  In the other property I am interested in, they are not there a lot of the time, so it would need to be an email of some kind just for logistic purposes.

My thoughts were mentioning that I was interested in the property, would like to know if they would consider selling it for a fair price that everyone can agree works, and in the process minimize real estate commissions.  

Anything else you can think of adding?

Thanks for your help!


Have a good idea of what you’ll pay beforehand . Due your due diligence before you go . Dress in plain casual Clothes . Talk like you normally would . Don’t act like your trying to sell them a vacuum cleaner . Maybe something like “ hello I’m so and so . I live over at 123 Main Street on the other side of town .i do local real estate investing and your home has caught my eye of a potential property I may be interested In .I was wondering if you ever considered selling it for a fair price . “