How to sell my big villa and land in Tuscany?

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Hi Team,

My family and I have decided to put my Tuscany villa up for sale.

It is located in Italy, not far from Florence, and includes 4 independent flats, 30 hectares of land, as well as vineyards, olive groves, a river and a lot to build a restaurant.

I would want to avoid the traditional route of going to a mainstream agent and wish for luck. 

I have read that these type of properties are sold through networking, however I’m new to this (never sold a property before).

The asking price is on the range of €2M and it is visible here:

Ideally, I would invest part of the profit in small rental real estates in major European capitals.

What advice would you give to someone in my place?

Should I just go agency?

Thanks in advance,


Not sure that an american rental / investing site is going to be much help .

these type of trophy properties are usually sold through higher end brokers like Sotheby's etc .

Sounds like a cool place I have to think this is an easy sale for the local brokers or other types of brokerage community in the area..  Although there may be some Americans looking for a Tuscan estate but I would venture to guess not many or on BP..