Subject-to - Owner's Responsibility to Buyer

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I had a rental property that I sold to an investor Subject-to my existing HELOC which is a 1st mortgage. My buyer then sold and Assigned the contract to another buyer who assumed the terms. The balloon is due in August, the taxes are delinquent and the buyer is not paying them and my bank is threatening to call the loan, and of course they do not know I no longer own the property. I make the monthly payments on time even when my buyer is late/delinquent on his monthly fixed payments. The property is titled and recorded in the buyer's name.

This end buyer is now asking for a copy of My Original Note and Lien, which was never a part of the discussion with the 1st buyer nor is it in the contract. Am I required to provide it to him? Also is there any point as his purchase agreement clearly states he must pay the total balance of the purchase price on or before August 5, 2018?

All advice is welcome!  Thanks

So I assume the “buyer” was paying you, and not your directly?
If so, I think all you would need to provide is evidence that you have been paying the mtg payment.....your mtg statements would suffice, if even necessary.
More troubling, as in all sub2’s, is their ability to pay the balloon and getting them to pay the taxes.
If this falls apart you have a real problem since you can’t foreclose, unless you actually did a wrap mtg. Otherwise you’ll have find out if the buyer violated any disclosure laws, in relation to doing the sub2, and threaten legal action if they default and refuse to transfer title back.

BTW, what is dictating the balloon.....your underlying mtg, a wrap mtg that you have on the property, or just the purchase contract?