Making multiple offers on an investment property

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I've heard time and again that submitting multiple offers is a good strategy for getting a house under contract, but I don't understand the specifics of how the various offers should be structured.  What is the typical (if it is typical) structure of the series of offers that one might submit including some creative financing options?


1) 60% of market value all cash;

2) 80% of market value, 20% seller financed;

3) 100% of market value, all seller financed;


PC 238 is definitely packed with GREAT info - and I listened to it twice - but I was still left wanting this exact question explained further. Any good examples of presenting multiple offers? I was honestly left wanting a 1-on-1 session with the PC guest with him walking me through it step by step. 

Any examples from anyone?

Thanks in advance!

It needs to match your market.... Many places you won't get a house at 60% market ... And seller financed is rare as well. 100% seller financed would be a unicorn, if you chase this you're going to miss plenty of perfectly fine investments.