Want to buy a new contruction home in Florida, but where ?

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Hi Guys, i am very familar with all the areas in the Orlando area. I want to invest in a different part of Florida now. I want to buy a home that will appreciate in value. I was searching new area and came accross a town called Ruskin Fl near to Riverview. I am not too sure what the future developments are like shopping, business districts,VA hospital, school etc. Can you guys advise or give suggestion on any area that will soon be HOT in Florida, lets say 3 to 4 years from now where i can see about 50 percent apprecition in price. thanks.


I don’t know about 50% appreciation, but I think areas to look at would be Winter Haven, Pasco County, Lakeland and possibly DeLand in Volusia county. They are in outliner areas and seem to be growing rapidly because of their price points and lower taxes

manny, can you help me find a new home construction that is offerred at close out pricees. i want a deal and i am read to spend .

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@Lucky B. Kim hit it on the head there is a huge growth projection around Lakeland, winter haven, haines city, davenport. I am a Realtor in the area so if you would like more info PM lets chat. 

@Lucky B. lol @ 50% appreciation in 3-4 years. That only happened in the past few years in FL because of the 2008 crisis. It is not reflective of reality. 

Why not keep investing in Orlando if you're very familiar? Lakeland is less than an hour away and is a growing market. 

50% appreciation in 3-4 years, where can I get in on that???  That is an unachievable goal.  That being said there are lots os areas in Florida growing rapidly.  Forbes has names Orlando the 4th fastest growing Metropolitan in 2018.  Lakeland, Kissimmee, Poinciana, Saint Cloud are all growing at rapid rates to name a few.

@lucky b. I can help you find a good home with no problem l, but you can't use close out price and new I the same sentence. new construction does cost since cost to build is up but you can find a new home for the price of an old home easily

Erin, as an agent I think

You know you are about 6 years too late, even in the best areas.. sorry, buts it’s the truth..