Seeking Investors in Tulsa and Washington County, Oklahoma

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@Cheree Harris , Washington County Realtors that are on BP. Few if any!
-Kevin Lynch @ REmax -  (Mentor)

-Bill Riley @ Mcanaw -  (Mentor)

-Steve Russell @ Berkshire Hathaway -  (Friend)

I hope this information is helpful. Unfortunately I can not post contact info. 

Hi, Cheree! I'm new to investing (but not new to construction) and would love to connect. I'm in the Tulsa area. Look for Lindsey Coe from Re/Max of Green Country for a connection in Washington County. She's amazing!

Hi Cheree, I invest in Tulsa county, and have considered Washington county recently. I work with several investors as a realtor, so I watch the market closely. There's a quadplex in Bartlesville that is tempting, if you are considering multi-family properties. 

Cheree,  I'm looking to start investing in both Tulsa and OKC areas.  I grew up in Tulsa, but currently live in Fort Worth.  Any help you could provide I'd greatly appreciate it.  Are you a wholesaler?

@Lisa Williams thank you for letting me know! I am interested in multi family but that’s in the future although tempting now that you mention the one available in Bartlesville. For clarification, you are also a realtor? If so, I would really like to connect for assistance with comps in Bartlesville