FHA Loan – Moving in One Year

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I am planning on moving to another state in a year, and was considering house hacking with an FHA loan.

I just resigned a lease to rent my current place for a year, which is one of the reasons for the one year timeline. 

My main question is, if I find a place that I want to purchase, since I started casually searching, is there any workaround to not have to move in within the specified 60 days for a FHA loan?

You have a one year time line. if it takes you 2-3 months to find a place (maybe more), then another 3 to close, you are looking at 6 months. You will most likely have trouble finding a renter for only 6 months, and it wouldn't be worth the investment to convert to STR. You are paying a mortgage and a rent payment either way, so why try to get around it? You are better off moving once you purchase, then negotiating a lease break fee with your landlord.

The short answer is no. No way around it.

The long answer. There isn't really a good reason to try anyway.