What would you do with 50k?

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Hey All, I have $50k currently at the moment, and will have an additional $65k by January. ($115k if I decide not to spend that $50k right now) I would like to turn into passive income from buy and holds or possibly throw it into a property, rehab, and flip it for more capital. 

I'm still trying to land my first deal, I think the nerves hold me back, I'm 22 at the moment and just wanna get my feet wet already. Should i use the 50k and put 25% down on a property and rent it out for cash flow? Or maybe 5% down for my first property?

 I'm wondering how YOU guys would use that 50k or 115k to get started in earning passive income. I would love to hear all your strategies and tips! 


Do you have construction experience? There are a lot of costs that can be overlooked just starting out. There are plenty of contractors out there wetting their beaks to hear your news of capital injection available. Perhaps forming a partnership with the right person can help alleviate some of those nerves and eliminate some of your risk. 

I would assume being so young this means that you do not already own a house? If that is the case then use a standard FHA loan on a du/tri/quad plex and househack it. then use the rest of your cash to begin the BRRRR method.