contractor holding permit documents

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My contractor is not giving me the permit documents for final approval. There is still work pending,that he does not want to complete and is asking me to make the final payment in exchange for the documents.  

The permit has several signatures of the inspector. What are my options here? I am planning to go to the city office on Monday and explain the situation. I do not want him to make the final payment until all the work is done.

@Account Closed Good day, not sure about CA, in NJ the back of every permit clearly states Do Not Make Final Payment Until After Final Inspections Take Place, or some paraphrased version of that. Please take a moment to review this with your state’s board that oversees contractors. In NJ, it’s the Division of Consumer Affairs. After taking the time to research this, should take less than a hour of online research, politely inform the contractor of your discoveries and see how he reacts. Odds are, he will come around, as currently it appears he is taking a position that you don’t know how these type of things work. I hope a contractor from CA can contribute to this thread to better clarify how you can remedy this problem. Best of luck.