Finding out who owns a property

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I recently noticed two small multifamily properties in my neighborhood that look neglected. When I looked up who owns the properties on my county's tax portal, the county shows the owners' mailing address as the address of each respective property. 

How do I know if these properties are owned by an out-of-state owner? By the way they look, they don't look like they are owner-occupied and being kept up. 

If the owner is out-of-state, the mailing address would be different. If the records show a matching mailing address, the next step is to knock on the door or try direct mail marketing.

There are a few roads you can take. If the mailing address is different than the address then you can definitely send them mail. I'm assuming the name is included. You can also use landglide, that is great for finding the names of property owners. I'd also try a skip trace like or white pages. They usually have a phone number and/or email address associated with the person. I've found calling to be better than mail in many cases.