Referral Fees for non agents

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Hi there,  I am new to real estate investing and i have a situation in which im not to sure of.  A fellow investor reached out to me about a house they have under contract to wholesale. They don't have a buyer interested in the area but i do have a buyer. My question is if I connect the investor with my buyer how much would i charge as a referral fee?  Or what is the standard referral fee for a non agent?

Thanks for your help


I cannot speak to the laws in your state, but in my own, non-agents are not allowed to receive payments or commissions for brokering real estate deals, even by collecting a referral or finders fee. Check with your local RE department to ensure you would not be doing something that would get you into trouble.

@Bob Okenwa Thanks. It was something brought up to me by some local investors but I will check and see if it’s ok. I ended up not going through with it anyway just because it was a weird situation with some uncertain investors.