Investment Lead Script

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Hi BP,

I am in the process of building out my lead generation system and have found it to be a little bit of a struggle with the flow of conversation when a lead calls me. 

I started a call script to be prepared for when leads contact me but I was wondering if any questions or methods worked out well for others. I am targeting 3-8 unit multifamily owners in the South Shore of Massachusetts, specifically around the Quincy Area. 


Hi Michael,

Without knowing much about your current script/approach it's tough to give any insight on how to adjust; however, in my experience, which resulted in my first deal (2-family in Quincy, Massachusetts) the conversation had flow because the seller and I were able to connect on a personal level prior to any negotiations regarding the property. 

If trying to find a common interest or connection isn't part of your current script maybe you can try building that in. I'm not at all suggesting it's easy to do with all leads.

I'd be interested in connecting sometime. Are you attending the Boston Real Estate Guild meetup tonight in Somerville?