I've been using F.L.O.P.S strategy for the last two years. I'm buying and selling 3 to 4 flops a month. 

What is F.L.O.P.S?

F - Find

L- Losing

O - Opportunities

P - Purchase

S - Sell

My agent sends me information on all investment properties sold for 20k to 100k. I drive by the properties and if one of the rip off contractors is doing the rehab. I get the purchaser information at the tax office and if they are out of town investor's I contact them after their flip has become a flop. Then I make a "I'm here to save you offer". Then I sell to one of my local investor's. This is the easiest money I've made in 35 years as a real estate investor. 

Would love to hear about others doing the same thing. There's so many ways to make money in real estate. I love this life!