Investing in Baja California Mexico

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I'm looking to invest in Rosarito, Baja California Mexico. I'm looking for a property near the beach. price between 100k-200k. I want to rent it in Airbnb. I'm looking for advice on how to do this. anyone with experience on this topic?

I’d also be very interested in any contacts you make. Just had a family member recently move down there from San Diego. If you happen to make a contact with a local agent who knows the market and is investor friendly, please refer it my way.

Make sure you understand how the property ownership is structured there. Americans couldn't own land a certain distance to the beach when we owned there. We owned a condo in a little community called Cantamar close to Rosarito on the road to Ensenada, but we didn't own the land. They always have places for sale there, and there are a lot of Americans there. It felt pretty safe. I think the law has changed, but just make sure you have a good Mexican abogado to help you with your purchase!

The land lease went up a lot during the time we owned the condo, and we eventually sold it. This was a while back, but I have great memories from the place; it was really beautiful, right on the beach. Great little community. But again, it was irritating to have the land keep going up and up for the lease.

I love Baja but do not love from TJ to Ensenada nor Mexicalli.  Every extortion attempt I have experienced in Baja has happened North of Ensenada.

Beyond Ensenada are cool things like wineries (I do not drink wine), La Bufadora and its blow hole, great little fishing villages, Gurerro Negro and Scammons Lagoon (best whale watching on earth), San Pedro Martir (least visited forest region within a day of San Diego and has the twin Picacho del Diablo peaks and the national observatory), numerous Missions in various degrees of condition, hot springs, party towns (San Felipe), surf towns, snorkel/diving (anywhere in Sea of Cortex in Baja Sur), Sand Dunes (Baja races), etc.

My worse theft south of Ensenada has been some bottled water.

So the question is why Rosarito?  Is it for its proximity to US?  I much prefer Loreto or Mulege.  Less crime, less extortion, better fishing and SCUBA/snorkeling, and a good mission in Loreto.

I am interested what others have to say about the effort and profitability as I would love to have a STR cottage on the beach in Loreto. Maybe keep a boat there. Hard part would be finding the time to make use of it myself.

hello julio, i am a realtor in Rosarito and Ensenada, i can help you in the process, my office is just outside the Rosarito Beach Hotel is Remax Baja Realty and in Ensenada is just in front to the Hotel Lucerna is Remax Gold Coast, my page on facebook is inmuebles en ensenada

@Trudy Pachon Hi! We stayed in Cantamar last week and loved it. We are considering buying the house we stayed in. It’s a small 2 bedroom / 2 bath beach front property. What do you think the value is? Would love to connect more about your process / journey owning in Mexico. I definitely have some questions. Thanks!

Hello I'm a real estate agent in Ensenada and Rosarito, we know how airbnb model works and is a very good invesment. We also know how to protect foreing investors when buying in Mexico, we advise to work with an ESCROW to protect both sides buyer and seller. You can be sure that your investment would be protected when you use the right tool in the righ way.

@Julio Solano I Rehabbed & bought already 2 properties in   Tijuana and am familiar with the process. Please feel free to reach me out. 

They are building/selling condos now which I would jump in into their early stage (even before they are built) to get a better deal.

If you already did please tell us how it went!

Originally posted by @Lisette S. :

@Julio Solano I just did it and am in process for Airbnb - if you have any questions let me know- I have learned much.

 Lisette, where did u buy? i have a place in Rosarito and its started to do well after i did some rehab work on it. I bought in downtown Rosarito in the condo complexes as i felt it would be better than buying a home since we dont live and minimal maintenance. 

@Mark Mendoza

Hi Mark,

We bought a villa at a beachfront resort- it’s a 8-10 minute walk to downtown. It’s one of the oldest resorts, but well kept and managed- history and stability was important for us- as well as location. We Airbnb it started in Oct and so far it’s been busy and seems to be getting busier as we enter the warm season. We have to block ahead of time so that we can enjoy the place too. I’m a Superhost on that- we have people on the ground with maintenance, cleaning, security is fantastic . It’s been a good experience so far. I am estimating 8% ROÍ by end of year.

My parents bought in Rosarito when it was just a dirt road with little shops and stops. I mainly bought it so that my parents can have less to manage and go to at a resort- less steps, maintenance as they age etc. My husband is a realtor and works The área with a very reliable lawyer which is essentially what you need. I also manage a few Airbnb in the resort for other owners and it’s been great so far.

We have also just purchased land in El Valle de Guadalupe to build in the middle of the corazón of the Valle. We love wine and food- the place is just taking off and hope to build a few cabins and a home for us. El Valle has been listed in well known wine hubs as a place to go and it’s just getting started. Give Mexicans wine grapes and they break all the rules that European wines place on their grapes- mixing certain wines is prohibited in Europe, but in Mexico it’s an opportunity for creativity. Europeans starting their wineries in the area as well. And wow! Mexico is just starting to get into wine as a whole, the growing middle class etc. I see growth and potential.

People that tell you it’s dangerous may be hanging with the wrong crowd, or involved with different circles or stuck in some time warp. Don’t get me wrong- we are aware and vigilant like in California, but people saying some things it’s just weird. I wouldn’t go into some places in California but I don’t blanket it as all of California. Baja is beautiful and just driving down the coast takes me back to California in the 70s.

Just my POV

@Lisette S.

Another thing- as we were looking at investments- I felt investing in these areas was much safer than investing in places like Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan etc. When I would see what was around I didn’t feel safe - even just google mapping, flying there etc. It’s a bit of a bias isn’t it? I guess the same bias people have of investing in Mexico as a whole. Any area you go into will have good and bad anywhere you go. The president of Mexico has not done much as a so called socialist- he may be a democratic socialist but isn’t anti- making money- just making sure the people are treated right and companies don’t exploit communities- I’m okay with that.