Investor Friendly Real estate agents in Dallas fort worth?

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@Kenneth McKeown should be your go to! 

Btw, I was station in Hawaii when I was in the military (Kenneth is a Marine veteran too). Are you moving back to the DFW area to start real estate investing? 

 @Tyler I actually never lived there before. I have a lot of people out there and one of them just bought a house, and i ran the numbers and it made a lot more sense than the markets here so i have a huge interest in that market. If everything goes well, i plan on moving out there within a year. 

@Ian Jackson

Levi Mills is a great local realtor who focuses on investment property. Very friendly, responsive and has extensive market knowledge (mostly in the fort worth/Arlington area). He works with out of state investors (he helped me close on a duplex while i was away. Even did video walk through of the property so that i knew exactly what i was buying). He also works for a turn-key company if that's something you're interested in.

Please message me if you'd like his contact info. (you can also check him out on this site)