Looking for agents and PM to buy my first rental

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The time has come and, after browsing quite a while, I don’t seem to find the perfect rental deal in Europe or Dubai.

Therefore I’m looking for an agent to help me find my first income generating rental property as well as a property manager.

I find the best deals to happen in the US (returns, compared to Europe, can be crazy!) and I’m willing to invest there - without having to visit, if possible.

To start with, I’d like to keep below the investment below the 50k mark.

Feel free to PM me if you have any deals.

Ps European options are more than welcome, but I sort of lost hopes.

Hi @Daniel Rongo ! I think you're wise to consider US real estate at this time. Can you share a bit about your investment objectives? For starters:

  • What kind of returns are you seeking, and how will you measure that? I'm a fan of a minimum 10% cash-on-cash return (CoCR), but you may prefer some other metric.
  • What is your investment timeframe? I know some folks who want strong cash flow for the next 20 years, while others need to be in and out in five.
  • Do you have any geographic preferences for these investments? The US is a big country with a wide diversity of real estate markets. Some investors might favor the East or West Coasts, while others swear by the Heartland or the South.