Splitting 1 unit into 2

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Hi All,

Going to look at a condo today that has the following properties:

- 2 floors zoned as 1 unit

- Floor 1: 2 bed, 1 kitchen, 2 bath

- Floor 2: 3 bed, 1 kitchen, 1 bath

- Both floors already have separate heating/cooling zones and meters

This is listed as a single unit probably because there aren't enough egress points at this stage. There is another unit in the building. We would likely have to add additional egress point for the upper unit via a deck and some stairs. 

Since I'm pretty new to this, I have a few questions I hope you can help me answer:

1. Where can I check if I am even allowed to split the unit officially?

2. Is there anything the other (existing) owner in the unit below can say/do to prevent such a split?

3. What other high level things should I consider?

I've attached floor plan images to help.

Middle floor:

Top Floor:

Thanks so much.