1st Flip - Need ideas on Paint colors

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The previous homeowner started a remodel but never finished.  Therefore, i have some stuff completed and trying to bring everything together and give the home the right feel.  Here are the items that are complete and I'm fine hearing ideas to scrap anything that just does not make sense.  KITCHEN:  (1) Oak Cabinets, (2) Lowes Laminate Countertop (Item 352060), (3) Bone tile throughout Kitchen & Dining room, (4) Black appliances, (5) Black double sink.  DINING ROOM:  (1) Bone Tile, (2) White Vinyl windows  FAMILY ROOM:  (1) Fireplace which will need to be painted.  BATHROOM 1:  (1) White 48" Vanity with matching mirror, New hardware for shower, sink etc.  There tub/shower has dark blue accents squares throughout.

Here are the questions:  (1)  Are the oak cabinets outdated, if so need paint ideas for cabinets and walls and determine if a backsplash helps or complicates things (2)  Color to paint fireplace that will compliment walls (3) Wall colors (4) Trim, front door, etc.  Ideally, response with a full color analysis would be appreciated instead of just individual pieces.  This will help me tremendously.

@Robert Schumacher

I will leave the color choice to the professional designers. I use Home Depot as they are closest to me and I found the following link to be extremely helpful in determining the "bang for the buck" in the different types of paint. I included a Lowes link as well to be fair... LOL



@Joseph Gamatoria

Thank you for the links ... We will be using Kelly Moore Paint only because i have a good hookup.  They will point me in the direction of the proper paint type.  My question was really about the color schemes ... I just don't understand the color matching do and don't process.  Thank you for your response ... Have a great 4th of July.