What is a Productive Use of Time as a Real Estate Investor?

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Hi BP,

I have always wondered what it is like to be a full time real estate investor. I have a full - time job and I am curious to know what it is that full time real estate investors do all day. Do you just look for deals all day? Educate yourself? What does a day in the life of a real estate investor look like, and how can one make the most productive use of their time during the day? Sure it's a passive game, but what if I want to be as active as possible?

Schedule your day, every single day, the day before. Figure out what the best use of your time is, and concentrate on that. For myself, I will study the market, read the local news, and do research in the mornings. I will schedule my meetings around lunch time, usually 10-2ish. I will then cold call from 2-5ish, and try to get more meetings for dinner/night time, or go to networking events later in the afternoons/nights. 

Great question James and great answer Austin.   I've found the same answer applies for part time investors as well. I have a full time job and only have 2-3 hours each day I can put towards investing.  At the end of each night I write down the 3-5 tasks I need to accomplish the following day and stick to that. I found I was pulling myself in every direction and this helped me keep focus on the most critical/time-sensitive tasks.