Lawyers in Atlanta that works with unique title issues

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Hello,I'm hoping someone can recommend an attorney here in Atlanta that can work through title issues, we are ready to close on a deal but we ran into an issue where her brother who has interest In the property passed away and we are now trying to locate his Ex wife And kids Any suggestions Would be great We've already tried several options of skip trace And working with the family to see if they know anything about their whereabouts 

Wow I'm curious to see how this turns out - I bet you can do it! I've never done something like that but...

  • More skip trace - other there more reliable skip trace services to rely on? Maybe offer a greater incentive than their normal rates to find X person?
  • Social media - how old are these children? They may have a facebook or twitter?
  • PI - maybe a private investigator would have even more resources or advice. But maybe I've been watching too much Jessica Jones :shrug:

Good luck,

Hey @ Richie Choy Thanks for the encouraging words, I'm always willing to share any information I can, let's make some time to meet up soon. Here is an update, we successfully found 2 of the members we are looking for and we have them assisting us in finding the last person. I am still in search of an Attorney that can go the extra mile in handling title issue, this will allow me to do what I do best which is continue to get deals done. If anyone knows a attorney in the Atlanta area it would be greatly appreciated.