Help Request - Buying Home With No (And Low) Money Down

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BP, Hows everyone doing? I’m in need of help rather quickly. Background: I’ve placed an offer on a 3-1 single family property in Georgia. I’m looking for creative financing to fund the property’s down payment. The down payment amount is about $12k total. I’d like to pay low or no money down to save capital for the next deal & perhaps a few small renovations. Current Situation: My offer has been accepted and I have 9 days of due diligence remaining. My Ask: Without reading “The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (or Low) Money Down” YET... What are some methods/strategies to lower my upfront costs for the down payment, while not getting beat up on interest rates? Thanks for the support. Chris

Best bet is VA loan f you have that, fha or 5 percent conventional.

You’ll need the downpayment plus 4-5k in closing costs depending on taxes and insurance

I would like to say that you can get an equity partner to help but your deadline is too close for that to go through.  I don't think I can help on this one. Sorry.  Happy Hunting.