Too late to get into Boise market?????

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Hi guys and girls new to Bp! I know the Boise market and surrounding areas is super hot right now. Is it too late to hop in there for a flipper/wholesaler??? Anyone with some advice or local knowledge would be greatly appreciated!  Or how do you figure out when to sit back in a hot market or jump in?? 

There is no better time to jump into real estate.. the only better time was yesterday. Seriously though - you are thinking with a scarcity mindset right off the bat.. MOST markets are on fire right now and people who are new and old are finding deals every month.

I'd rather learn in a hot market so I'm prepared to capitalize on a down market than doing the opposite.

We have lots of both wholesalers and flippers in Boise that are doing fantastic right now. If you can be the one bringing the deals or creating shiny new homes to first time home buyers or out of state newcomers in this low inventory market.. you are in a good spot!